5 Best Iron Supplement Types for Kids

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The need of iron in the body to make hemoglobin, a protein that contains iron in the red blood cells (RBCs). The oxygen in our blood is carried with the help of hemoglobin and is delivered to all other cells in your body. If there is no hemoglobin, the production of healthy RBCs will stop. Lack of iron will lead to inadequate oxygen in your child’s cells, muscles and tissues.
We are the renowned multivitamin gummies manufacturer producing supplements specifically for kids and one of our products kids multivitamin gummy containing the most necessary vitamin for their good health.

Growth of child will be affected by iron deficiency. The causes can be:

  • Behavioral and learning issues
  • Detachment from society
  • Delay in motor skills
  • Weak muscles

Iron is also necessary for the immune system, thus more infections, further colds, and maybe more flu bouts can result from not having enough iron.

Will my kid need a supplement of iron?

From a balanced , nutritious diet, children might get their iron and other vitamins.
Few kids are at greater risk of iron deficiency and will require a supplement to manage it. The following conditions can place your child at greater risk of iron deficiency:

  • Picky eaters that do not eat periodic, well-balanced meals
  • Kids that consume a predominantly vegetarian or vegan diet
  • Medical disorders that hinder nutrient absorption, such as intestinal diseases as well as chronic infections
  • Poor birth weight and babies that are premature
  • Children born to mothers who’ve been iron-deficient
  • Children who drink so much milk from cows
  • Young athletes who also train
  • Older kids and young teens experience accelerated development during puberty.
  • Teenage women who lose blood while menstruation

How much iron is required for my child?

Iron for a fast developing toddler is a very necessary nutrient. The daily criteria prescribed for iron differ by age:

  • 1 to 3 years of age: 7 milligrams a day
  • 4 to 8 years of age: 10 milligrams a day

5 Healthy forms of Kids’ Iron Supplements

Adult iron supplements provide way too much iron to supply your child with them safely. (up to 100 mg in one tablet).
In tablets or liquid formulas, supplements are available and are designed especially for young kids. try the below safe supplements through the doctor’s supervision:

1. As Liquid

Liquid supplements perform well because they can be quickly absorbed by the body. Your kid won’t have a tablet to swallow. In order to show the dose level, the container usually comes with a dropper with labels on the dropper tube. You should actually pour the liquid into the mouth of your kid. Iron supplements may stain the child’s teeth, once after given some liquid iron supplement, clean their teeth.
Solistaa Pharmaceuticals has fully automated liquid manufacturing line. Solistaa has developed liquid formulations for brain development in Kids for various health conditions for its customers in Canada, US, India and other parts of the world.

2. Syrups

You could easily weigh and give your kids a spoonful of syrup from their iron substitute. Being a promising nutraceutical product manufacturer, we are working on many formulations to offer solutions in the form of syrups for good health.

3. Chewables

A chewable supplement is the option to have if you wouldn’t want to bother with weighing out liquids or syrups. They’re sweet and easy to eat and usually contain identical tablet as several vitamins.
Solistaa Pharmaceuticals has developed soft chews of calcium with vitamin, iron with vitamin D3/D2 & multivitamins. They are very tasty and most preferred by adults. We are also working on “sugar-free chews”. Our valuable customer circle is spread across US, India, Canada and around the world.

4. Gummies

Because of their appearance and similarity to sweets, children enjoy fruity gummies. While supplying your child with a vitamin gummy is completely healthy, parents must’ve been extra careful to keep these out of the hands of children at all times.
Try our delicious mango flavoured Iron gummies from Solistaa Pharmaceuticals, the best gummy manufacturer which are totally free from the metallic taste and one of the easy way to improve the iron deficiency in children & adults, as it is very tasty to consume.

5. Powder

You should pair a powder iron substitute with the preferred soft foods of your kids, like oatmeal, applesauce, or yoghurt, but picky eaters may just not know they’re consuming it.
We at Solistaa Pharmaceuticals, the prominent multivitamin gummy manufacturer provide mouth melting granules (powders) are available as calcium supplement & iron supplement. Make your nutrition purchase with us and get your supplement for a healthy living.

What precautions are to be followed?

Take these precautions before giving your child a substitute to ensure that your child is safe:

  • Ensure that all supplements are just out of children’s sight so that they should not confuse them for sweets.
  • Ensure the supplement in a bottle with a child-resistant lid is labeled.
  • Stop providing iron with milk or caffeinated beverages to your child because they can hinder the absorption of iron.
  • As vitamin C causes the body absorb iron, feed your kids a supply of vitamin C with the iron.
  • For as long as the doctor suggests, make your child taking the vitamins. It may take about six months for their iron levels to return to normal.

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